So you have jailbroken your iPhone running on iOS 6.1 ? Probably the first thing you are going to think about is adding some useful and popular Cydia repos that gives you the best jailbreak tweaks to install on your device, well then let me help you to choose your best Cydia repos, right now I've got a list for the most popular Cydia repos to add on your device...
1. xSellize

One of the most famous Cydia Repo of all times since long times and is there for you even in 2013. Apple iOS users who are addicted to these devices since long and Jailbreak every new device must be having knowledge about this repo. This repo is preferred for who play lots of emulated games. Xsellize has a lot many good ROM packs for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64 and NES games which can be loaded on your emulators. Besides gaming advantages, xSellize contains good amount of apps, tweaks, mods and so on. You can install xSellize repo suing normal method and the link for this repo is:
2. SiNful iPhone Repo

Another very famous repo source which is liked by number of users. Sinful iPhone has the huge number of users as compared to any other repository on Cydia. Main reason is that it is the source of providing cracked applications to users free of cost. You can get a number of famous Cydia apps, tweaks etc from this repo. Adding this sinful iPhone is through normal procedure and it link is given below:

This is another most famous repo which has an additional feature of adding installous on your device. For those who are not familiar with installous, it is actually an authorized source for free installation of paid apps, games on iTunes. Those users who want to try out the application before purchasing can make use of this feature. Otherwise we recommend that you should always pay for what you use. If you canít afford to purchase a new application especially once you donít know the review. If you like it, go and buy from Apple App Store. Adding is very simple just add following link to Cydia:

4-iHackstore Repo

If you want huge number of apps, tweaks, themes etc and much more things then the iHackStore reposhould be another great choice for you. A great quantity of data is being maintained by this repo which include the typical apps and tweaks. Another thing which should be mentioned here that a large number of tweaks and apps are cracked which means they can be downloaded free. Overall this repo is a great source for apps, tweaks which allows you a free trial when you wish to purchase a new Cydia application. This source can be added by following link:

It is yet another repo that has pretty much anything. The best thing about this repo is that it is an All-in-One repo which is going to cover everything for you ranging from themes to ringtones, from cydia layouts to GUIs for SBSettings and much more. The thing which makes it different is that, iHacks also features some unlockable DLCs and hacks for App Store games. A great source to make your iOS look better.

6-Hack Your iPhone Repo

So why should you add the HackYouriPhone repo to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? Like most of the other sources on this list, hackyouriphone repo has most of those reasons for which you should consider it adding on Cydia. You think of a thing for Jailbreak iOS such as apps, tweaks, ringtones, themes, mods, IPA files, they are in this particular source. The repo is updated on regular basis, which helps you in updating new / existing Jailbreak tweaks and apps that are being released. Link for adding hackyouriphone repo on your device:

If you are someone who has a good grasp on the jailbreaking scene, it should come as a no surprise if you are pretty familiar with the Insanelyi repo. This is in fact one of the household names when it comes to Cydia sources. As far as content go, Insanelyi features pretty much the same sort of packages with the above repositories. However, with over 6,500 packages and counting daily, this is shaping up to be one of the best Cydia sources these days. There are tons of tweaks which are made by various developers for free. It even hosts a few packages for the AppleTV. There are also over 60+ scripts which are most written by Insanelyi members. One of the fastest-growing sources out there, and definitely deserves the spot here in the top Cydia sources of 2013.
If there is any nice repo I've missed, please feel free to comment and tell us what is it so we can update our page.. Thanks all